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Framing to Lock-up

For the homeowners who are looking for a greater hands-on experience, we offer a 'framing to lock-up' custom home building option. This option can give you access to lots that may be unavailable to the public or you can select one from our existing lots. Once you've chosen a lot we go to work to pour the basement, complete the framing, and install exterior doors and windows. After completing this portion of the build we hand the keys over to you to finish the project.

This option is great if you are looking to save money, have personal home building experience, or have friends and family that are certified in the trades. With the desire to be the general contractor for your home building project, the 'framing to lock-up' option might be the home building freedom you are looking for.

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"My wife and I bought a new two-storey home from Daon Construction and we've been very happy with the house and service. Any problems that did arise were dealt with promptly and correctly. Don has always been available to give me advice. I've gotten Don back to build my garage and I am currently making plans to further develop my basement. Thanks Don for your service!"

- Lyle Pert