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Sometimes having the home of your dreams involves tearing down a smaller home in a mature neighbourhood, adding space to your existing home, or renovating your space by adding a functional and timeless layout to it.

For any major renovation or addition to your home, or for finishing your basement, when you work with our home design team you can be sure that the project will have the quality workmanship that you can be proud of. Whether you are renovating with the intention to sell your property, or to make it into the home you always imagined it could be, we’ll help you enjoy the process of this transformation.

One of the most important aspects of successfully completing these types of building projects is effective project management and communication with you, the homeowner. With over 30 years of experience building quality homes in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas, you can be confident that our home building team will work with you to complete this project, on budget and on time.

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342 Boykowich Street
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342 Boykowich Street342 Boykowich Street
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"My wife and I bought a new two-storey home from Daon Construction and we've been very happy with the house and service. Any problems that did arise were dealt with promptly and correctly. Don has always been available to give me advice. I've gotten Don back to build my garage and I am currently making plans to further develop my basement. Thanks Don for your service!"

- Lyle Pert