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Framing Services

Our passion for the home building industry started in 1980, with the inception of Daon Construction. Framing has always been at the heart of our workmanship. Building quality and lasting home structures for people is the propelling force behind everything we do at Daon. As a result, we are often contracted to complete the framing portion of home building projects in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas.

Daon Construction's framing division is now run by Don's son Mike Grenier, and operates complimentary to Homes by Daon. Whether you need us to erect your prefabricated frame or a fully customized timber frame built onsite, it will be fully guaranteed and constructed with ease by our team of qualified carpenters.

If you are interested in having Daon complete the framing portion of your project please contact us.

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342 Boykowich Street342 Boykowich Street
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"My wife and I bought a new two-storey home from Daon Construction and we've been very happy with the house and service. Any problems that did arise were dealt with promptly and correctly. Don has always been available to give me advice. I've gotten Don back to build my garage and I am currently making plans to further develop my basement. Thanks Don for your service!"

- Lyle Pert